We are pleased to introduce to you the

Hand Over Heart EKG Patch

A patented, scientifically acclaimed & commercially available
EKG (that weighs less than one classic office sheet of paper) it is statistically more accurate, hygienic, and easier to use than the traditional cardiac monitor.


Detect ECG Changes suggestive
of an AMI in real-time &
non-invasively. At Point of
Contact (POC). In Your Facility.

The Hand Over Heart EKG Patch replaces & enhances the traditional cardiac monitor narrative and incorporates all into one remarkably easy step in YOUR FACILITY, at POC, delivering a paradigm of care – assuring your good standing & rating, and positively impacting your bottom line.



  • No Need to be connected to a standard 12-lead resting electrocardiogram
  • No technician is needed
  • No blood must be drawn
  • No need for Blood Analysis & detection of markers such as troponin by a Lab
  • No ambulance is needed to transfer your ever-more agitated patient to the ER
  • NO NEED to have YOUR PATIENT “away” in a hospital setting for an average of 2-3 days for
    observation, which all-too often becomes a patient who does not return to your facility



The ease of access, functionality, and accuracy of the HAND OVER HEART EKG PATCH, represents Better Patient Care, MORE REVENUE & ENORMOUS COST SAVINGS to you. FASTER! SAFER! MORE ACCURATE!


  • FDA cleared & CE approved
  • A single-use disposable device that allows for cleaner and more accurate readings
    Only device that allows a 12 lead ECG to be administered by non-medical providers or by patients themselves
  • Eliminates patient cross contamination of unsanitary, spaghetti wires
  • Format design standardizes and simplifies for perfect placement of the leads every time
    Allows for quick and easy application

99% accuracy vs. 67% accuracy of a standard ECG


and stanch the unacceptable loss of revenues represented by the high numbers of transfers & never to return patients – let alone the negative impact of your Star Rating and payer measures.